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Are your clocks authentic?

Yes, they are 100% authentic. And yes, there are many fake flip clocks around.



What are the shipping charges?

For information on shipping costs, click on any desired flip clock and “ADD TO CART. At the cart page, select your country and click on “ADD SHIPPING”' to calculate the exact shipping charges.



Do you have other models or colors that are not on your website?

No. We do not have any other colors or models that are not on our website. All colors and models you see according to the pictures are the actual products we have. Unless you are ordering in very larger quantity (more than 100 units), we are not able to customize your order.



What batteries are needed for the clocks and how long do the batteries last?

All of Twemco clocks use D batteries. Fartech uses D size for the mechanical movements and AA size for the quartz clock. Solari uses D size batteries and OEM uses many different types, depending on models. Most batteries should last for about 1-3 years before you need to change them. Some OEM clocks may require batteries to be changed every year.



Do your clocks come with a warranty?

Yes, every Twemco and Fartech clock comes with a 1-year international limited warranty and a 7-day one-to-one exchange. OEM clocks come with a 3-month international limited warranty and a 7-day one-to-one exchange. However, the warranty is void if the clock was found to be mishandled or improperly used. If you are not based in Singapore, you will have to deliver the clock to us and incur the charges for your own shipment. We will gladly redeliver a brand new clock to you during the 7-day period, and repair your clock free of charge within the 1-year period.

In the event your clock is found to be faulty within the warranty period, you may send the clock to us for repair. However, the warranty is void if the clock is found to have been mishandled. Flip clocks are very fragile and require careful handling when transporting. You can see why we spare no effort when packing and preparing our clocks and for shipping. The international warranty does not cover additional materials used for repair and any international shipping costs incurred. Faulty clocks can be sent to our office in Singapore or our factory in Hong Kong (for Twemco) or Taiwan (for Fartech). Please note that we ONLY service clocks that we sell. We do NOT service clocks that are bought elsewhere. Our standard shipment does not include insurance, as we find it rather unnecessary. However, if you do require insurance on your flip clock, please contact us before you submit your order online. Your invoice will be shipped together with your clock.



Why are flip clocks so expensive?

The manufacturing and assembly process for each clock is extremely complex and all the flaps are individually silkscreened. When you buy a flip clock, you are paying for that technology as well as a piece of art, modern yet classic and timeless. However, there are MANY OEM models in the market (R&D and made in China) that are of poor quality. Some of them go as cheap as $20 per clock. It's hard to imagine that these clocks can even tell the time or even last for a month.



Can you repair my flip clock?

Yes, however, we only service and repair flip clocks that are sold by us. If you have previously purchased from us online, you have to provide us with the date of purchase and the PayPal transaction number. If you previously purchased from us via our office, you have to provide us with the invoice number and your name. For clocks that were sold with the 7 days, we will honor a brand new one-to-one exchange. For clocks that are within the 1-year warranty period, we can repair at a cost depending on the problem.



Where are these flip clocks from?

They are made by different manufacturers.  The movements are from R&D in Japan, Italy, Germany, while they are assembled in Italy, Hong Kong, China.



Do the flip clocks run on batteries?

Yes, they do. There are flip clocks that are powered by AC and allow synchronization with master and slave clocks. If you require that type, please drop us an email to enquire as they are not listed on our website. Otherwise, we recommend using battery-operated flip clocks. The batteries actually last for more than a year.



How accurate are these flip clocks?

They are as accurate as normal mechanical clocks and serve the purpose of telling time. However, if you require better accuracy, you should only consider the industrial models from Solari with a buffer of +/- 3-4 secs per month.



Are the OEM clocks reliable?

No, they are not. And we are being honest here. The quality control degraded as over the decade. Copies with lower quality are now everywhere, some selling as cheap as half the price of our stock. The time is somewhat inaccurate. The blades might flip improperly at times. We test all our OEM clocks, fitted with batteries, and allow them to run for 3 days. We check if the time is in sync and within the buffer standards. Then we take the 'problem-free' clocks and repack and prepare them for shipment. Unfortunately, only OEM clocks offer such design of a "raw" concept without any casing. If you prefer such designs, you may have to settle for the OEM clocks, as no other manufacturers like Twemco, Fartech or Solari are willing to manufacture clocks without casing.

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